Just add mothballs or other deterrents!

Common Uses:

  • Protect car, truck, or van engines
  • Keep rodents out of your shed or garage
  • Protect air condition compressors
  • Protect clothes in closets
  • Protect air handlers
  • Protect attics • And more …

About Us

After losing thousands of dollars in engine damage, the GUARDFATHER™ was invented. You simply:
1. Unscrew the metal casing
2. Soak cotton or a rag in peppermint oil and put into chamber (or mothballs or another deterrent)
3. Screw the tin back on
4. Use the magnet to stick to any metal surface.

The GUARDFATHER™ can be used in so many applications. Every truck, van, car, or vehicle should use the GUARDFATHER™ to help keep the mice and rodents out.