Peppermint oil included with order!
Guardfather LLC : Getting rid of mice

Common Uses:

  • Protect car, truck, or van engines
  • Keep rodents out of your shed or garage
  • Protect air condition compressors
  • Protect clothes in closets
  • Protect air handlers
  • Protect attics • And more …
Ways to Get Rid of Mice


Do you have mice in your car engines? Do you have mice in your attic? Mice and other rodents can cause thousands of dollars of damage. The GUARDFATHER™ is very easy to use and prevent mice and other rodents from nesting and eating wires! Simply soak cotton (or a rag) in peppermint oil, and put into chamber. Also, mothballs or other deterrents can work with the GUARDFATHER™. The GUARDFATHER™ has a strong aluminum magnetic back that will hold to metal surfaces.

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Keep Mice Out of Garage